Things to remember when you are curly-haired

Today’s thought is: Be realistic and remain happy!!!! Be realistic about your natural curly hair. Set your expectations and feel lucky and happy. Here are some real facts about curly hair that I want to share with you from my experience.

1. Frizz is part of curly hair. You can’t keep it at bay completely. First day, you can still manage to get almost perfect curls. But on non-wash days, your hair will definitely be frizzier. Frizzy hair does not look bad at all as long as it has some curly and wavy definition. Frizz just complements curls. There is no such thing as frizz-free curly hair. 

2. Only you yourself see the frizz in your hair. To others, it just looks great. I say this from experience. I met a lady with curly hair a few days ago. To me, her hair was fantastic but she was still concerned about her frizzy hair. And the same thing happens to me. I feel that I have frizzy hair on top because of short new hair sticking out. But when I meet other people they tell me it is just perfect. So, what I am trying to say is, it is you who are most concerned about the frizz.

3. Never compare your curls with curly hair models. You can’t even tell what real hair texture. Do not drool over their perfect looking waves which can only be achieved using dryers or curling rods or other methods that the stylist will use. They are just not natural hair styles. Luckily, we see some celebrities flaunting their natural textures now.

4. Curly hair is naturally dry, it will always be drier than other hair types. First day, you feel your hair is more moisturized because it is freshly conditioned. As the day passes or on non-wash days, then it starts to lose moisture and starts looking dry especially if you have high porosity hair. So, you need to keep providing it the moisture it needs. Keep it moisturized by regular oiling, conditioning, using deep conditioning treatment masks and by maintaining protein and moisture balance. Just shampoos and conditioners are not enough if you want to maintain your curly hair well.

5. Do not compare your hair with fellow Curlies. Everyone’s hair is different. The environment (e.g humidity) you live in is different. The effort one person puts in their hair is different. The curl patterns are different.  Hair texture is different. Your age and life style is different. How curls turn out in pictures depends on many factors like lighting, whether hair is fine or coarse etc.  A lot of times, frizz is not very visible in pictures. Everyone has their share of frizz and bad hair days.

6. There is no one fit for all routine or products. Keep experimenting with routines and products. If one product is working for someone, it does not mean that it will definitely work for you. Try to figure out how many products you really need, don’t fall for all the things people try to sell you. Do your own research.

Most important, don’t let your hair take over the part of who you really are. Feel confident in your hair because you are just perfect!!! 

Keep Curling and Keep experimenting!!!